M.Sc. Biotechnology is a new scientific multi-disciplinary professional course, it trains and updates scientific knowledge and skills required for a research fellow in Bio-Science.lt gives the knowledge of major discipline likes Bioinformatics, Micro Biology, Molecular-biology and Biochemistry.

Bio-Informatics is an integral part of Biotechnology, which promises to help research and development of many other areas, including medical diagnostic, Pathology, Genetic Engineering and the next generation of high thought put biological data acquisition. Bio-Informatics uses computer technology for processing and storing of Biological information to diagnose the disease of Living bodies and discover newer drugs.

Microbiology Is considered as the backbone of all biology. It is an integrated study of natural Bioscience. This has naturally extended into the realms of Microbiology which occupy a key place In biotechnology.

As a consequence of this, there has been a considerable expansion in the fields of teaching, research and useful presentation ofvarl0U5 bio-tech industries. Progress Biochemistry is taking place at a very rapid fate. Biochemistry is the heart of the life science. It is a fundamental topic of Biotechnology. The syllabus, designed by the Utkal University, to provide degree level studies in all the above disciplines with up-to-date and balance account of chemical and biological fundamentals.

'It is assumed, as a genuine subject matter of biochemistry. Mainly, the illucidation of biochemical process, past and present, responsible for chemical composition and changes in composition of the biology and its environment. Application of Molecular Biology principles in scientific investigations give a new direction to-biotechnology Study of Molecular Biology has resulted in many new and stimulating development in virology, immunology, animal cloning, Cell culture, production of hormones, antibodies, enzymes, vaccines, virus pre-plants, bioprocess engineering, DNA replication act.

In view of this it was felt that there is a real requirement for the study of the subject in which all the above disciplines have been incorporated along with other relevant subjects. Its have remarkable identification in academic, research, industrial application and science. where it is appropriate.

Future Scope Of Bsc. Biotechnology

  • Territory Manager - Genomics Business Development
  • Assistant Manager - Marketing Biotech
  • Research Associate in - vitro Biology
  • Manager/Deputy Manager/Assistant Manager - Process/ Biotech
  • Marketing Manager - Domestic
  • Sales Officer - Institutional Sales
  • Assistant Research Analyst
  • Sales Manager - Lab
  • Analyst-Biotech Product
  • Research Associate - Cancer Biology